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The Sleeping Night

This can be offered to you when you have a live-in carer to provide a 24-hour care. The carer stays in your home and will be available to support you overnight as well.

This is called   a sleeping night for the carer in essence the carer can support you at most twice each night so they also get enough rest to continue supporting you the following day.

Althoug in cases where it extends beyound twice in the night, your carer is still there to help you. But if it becomes frequent, we can talk about making adjustments to better suit your needs.

The waking night carer – this is the night care support that is provided by the carer througout the night to assist with any care needs you may have.

It is delivered at regular intervals throughout the night, where the carer undertakies the nighttime duties tasks and as well carrys out other necessary domestic duties.

In essence the waking night care is flexible and how long they are needed for is  up to you.

The Sleeping Night Services

At Reagle Health we understand that you or your loved one’s requirements may change, depending on their health condition wether by recovery from an injury or   managing a progressive medical condition. Your night-time care support is flexible and can be easily altered at any time.

Aside easing the anxiety of being alone at night, it also helps in many major c ways, including:

Assisting with toilet breaks

Support with administering medication through the night

With the night support you are able to rest all through the night which betters the overall health

Above all else, finding reliable overnight care is a deciding factor in allowing people to stay in their own home, rather than considering residential care.

Help with complex care needs with the help of our nursing-led team

There is someone on hand for those living with progressive conditions such as a type of dementia

Extra peace of mind for your family knowing someone is on-hand

It is a personalized service that is tailored to meet the customers peculiar needs and care choices