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Pet Friendly Services

Animals do not ask for so much in life and most just need a warm and safe sheltered place. They work wonders for the body, soul and mind.

They stimulate a sense of companionship, safety and well-being and give you love, laughter and happiness.
Stroking pets creates a sense of actual relaxation because of its calming effects.
They don’t care about your age, looks, race, financial status, social standing, state of health and creed. They see you for who you are, their acceptance of humans is unconditional.

They increase the opportunities to exercise, socialize and to get outside

They help manage loneliness and depression even to grieving adults and children

 Movements with pets like, regular walking and playing with them can decrease high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, tryglycerides levels and helps with healing of arthritis

Having a pet is a beautiful thing, for customers with pets we always ensure they are given care assistant who loves and cares for animals. These carers will understand their pets, they are happy to have the special addition around them.