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Respite Care

When a care giver decides to take a short break for rest it is crucial that you the carer choose a trusted professional respite care giver to share your responsibilities with and get the support needed which involves every day activities such as shopping, holiday care, social activities, taking a walk, personal care, meal time, household chores, medication, overnight care, companionship.

Our respite programs provide time limited breaks for the usual carer to rest and take care of yourself. This sustains and reenergises a care givers health and wellness, to avoid out of home placements and reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect

At Reagle Health, we have developed a most flexible and efficient short-term package to suit an individual’s care needs and for all type of care home services.

Respite Care Services

Short Term Facility

You can arrange a respite care if you are likely to take a break for a certain period

Long Term Facility

This allows you to arrange a respite care when you will be taking frequent breaks to attend to your affairs. This may involve daily or weekly visit by the respite carer

This added support promotes mental, physical and emotional wellness for the usual carer. Whilst providing appropriate care and supervision to the client

Helps you maintain a healthy relationship with family and friends even with the community thereby preventing isolation

The client who requires the care experiences and enjoys a new relationship with the respite care giver, like new kind conversations and indulge new care routine etcetra