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Domiciliary Care

You can get a daily but hourly visit to receive all the care support needed without leaving your much-loved home.

Domiciliary Care Services

This care is focused on helping you preserve your independence and dignity whilst living a purposeful and meaningful life that is vital to health and happiness because we are interested in being part of your daily activities which can be handling of domestic task, take you on a doctor’s appointment, shopping or attending social events with friends and family. In essence whatever makes you happy and healthier.  This support is useful in a situation where a loved one has just been discharged from the hospital and will need a period of recovery before taking on any task within the household.

It is equal to better care and satisfaction

The carer also checks in to ensure you are eating properly and taking your medications

The carers offer companionship; chatting, sharing a hobby, accompanying you for social events, others

It covers domestic task that have become difficult over time, cooking, cleaning, shopping, ironing and others