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Companion Care

The feeling of friendship eases the feeling of loneliness. In most part of our lives, we got used to having friends and family around and have built memories based on these interactions.

As we get older many lose touches with loved ones, some who may have passed away as well and it has become more difficult with the digital age as a result elderly individuals suffer from loneliness and sometimes isolated. Companionship plays a great role in wellness; it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Companionship offers mental, social and emotional support to the well-being of an individual.  Companionship makes you healthier and being healthy helps you continue to reach out and find more meaning to every inch of breath in you, life.

Using a well led care approach that is safe, trustworthy, effective, caring, responsive and professional, Reagle Health ensures that your loved one benefits greatly from our companionship care service.

Reagle Health provides you with the perfect fit care team that suits for companionship care needs. It could be a friendly chat, a listening ear, to accompany you for a visit or a social event/ activities. This enables you to connect with family, friends and the community itself.  

Companionship Care Services

Our carers are professional and well trained to adhere to your preferences for a companion and is sure to give you your personal space when you need it.

Boosted mood

Deters loneliness and isolation

Accompany you to your appointments

Going out on social activities

Carers are able to encourage clients to adhere to their medication, diet and exercise plan for a healthier life

Share hobbies with you

Promotes better quality of life

Promotes long-life expectancy

Driving you to any location of your choice

Has the potential to improve cognitive functions