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Healthy mind, body & soul Care

Surely you know that a happy soul equals a healthy mind and body which contributes to the prevention and management of illness. The connection between the mind, body and soul usually depends on how our body responds to stress from anxiety, depression and pain which can affect your emotion.

At Reagle Health we promote activities and healthy lifestyles that will produce positive results and enable healing of the mind, body & soul. This in turn eases mental and physical stress as well as provides the energy required to fulfill daily living and to reach personal goals.

We encourage nutritious diet that is beneficial to increased energy and prevention of disease.

We ensure that resting is observed to restore your physical, mental and emotional well-being which plays a critical role in our immune function, metabolism, memory and learning.

We also encourage mental works such as board games, puzzles, Sudoku, chess, monopoly etcetera, which also helps with memory and learning.

We encourage our clients to recognize the benefits and enjoyment of physical movements such as yoga exercises, muscle relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, creating an atmosphere for laughter. The time invested in these activities is to build their flexibility and strength which is in strict adherence to the recommended guidelines

Healthy mind, body and soul Care Services

Our carers are professional and well trained to adhere to your preferences for a companion and is sure to give you your personal space when you need it.

It builds resilience and limits fall

It reduces the risk of developing chronic ailments

It encourages the customer to have a positive attitude and spiritual wellness

It helps in the management of pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol

It improves flexibility and independent functionality especially for people with bone & joint problems, lung diseases, heart problems