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Live-In Care

We provide outstanding live-in care specialist for customers and their families, who have come to the realisation that their loved one or family member requires an around the clock care, support and companionship.

Live-in Care Services

Our care practice tailors an individual’s care plan according to their specific and unique care choices. This runs from supporting personal hygiene, appearance, toileting, washing, cooking, grooming, running errands, general housekeeping.

This care method is a great choice for those who prefer to receive care whilst living in the comfort and familiarity of their home. They enjoy the memories and possessions that surrounds them without disruption to their usual way of living.

The family house is not sold to fund care home fees

No need to move out from your home which can be upsetting and cause disruptions

It is an around the clock service, where the carer lives in the house with the customer to provide care all through the day

Live in carers offer the development of a professional relationship based on respect, compassion and trust

The services support personal care, medication, housekeeping, social engagements & activities, shopping

It provides reassurance from family and friends

The customer enjoys a night care intervention from the carer if the need arises

It is a personalized service that is tailored to meet the customers peculiar needs and care choices

Family members can actively carry on with other aspects of their lives without being worried about the care need of their loved one.