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Learning Disabilities

Living a meaningful and purposeful life is the essence of hiumanity which includes those with all forms of dissability. This type of care supports people with learning dissability to experience the fullness of life.

Learning Disabilities Services

Our staff recognises and identifies each individual unique personalities, strenght and interest. Above all else we aim to support you achieve your personal goals by developing personalised support plan in
order to support you in living a meaningful life in your community.

Our care plan is drawn to suit your preference. Learning disabilities can be lifelong conditions. In some people, several overlapping learning disabilities may be apparent. Other people may have a single,
isolated learning problem that has little impact on their lives.
Above all else we can have our care professionals visit once or twice a week, daily or provide 24 hrs care.
Our care assistant have been specially trained to meet a wide range of complex care needs and communication needs, such as autism, physical dissabilities, sensory impairements.

Integrates you into the community- we offer support that helps you connect to family and friends, allows you to acquire education like school, college or club, pursue your interest and passion

Being independent is crucial this is to indulge you into carrying out independent activities, like shopping, paying bills

House keeping- get you involved in domestic chores that are within your ability to do

We want to ensure a healthier lifestyles can promote brain health and development to assist with improving of the condition keeping fit and eating healthy balanced diets

Being active- drawing up a daily routine where you can follow up wit like, waking up at a certain time, bathing, brushing, eating, doing a favourite hobby, and bed time

Support with psychological therapies