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In managing diabetes, you significantly incorporate a healthy lifestyle to maintain wellness and health.
We have nurse-led trained carers to assist you make the best of your health. You can be sure that you are in good hands, ensuring you receive the café that is tailoured to your needs.

Diabetes Care Services

We assist you to follow the special precautions and safely incorporate these activities into your diabetes management plan that has been set by the doctor for your good health

With regular excercises like, walking, swimmimg, dancing, cyclng, this will improve your physical and metal wellbeing, strengthen you to avoid falls

Making sure you are well hydrated to balance your glucose levels

Keeping good communication with your team of experts to help you feel in control and better able to manage your health as well respond to your changing needs

The services support personal care, medication, housekeeping, social engagements & activities, shopping

Checking your blood sugar, before and after working out

Makig sure you eat healthy meals

Help manage symptoms that may occur, such as headaches, speech problems, fatigue, blurred vision, hunger, poor appetit and weight loss, unconsciousness, hypoglycaemia