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Children with special needs

Children with special needs require extra attention, teaching, care and love. The moment parents or guidians realise that their children has special needs they should seek help promptly. Its important to understand how a child should grow so that when the child is not exhibiting signs of healthydevelopment the necessary assistant can be sort after and acquired.

Children with special needs

With proper care and education, every child can reach his or her full potential. We can offer temporary care in the case where the parent or guardian are absent due to medical reasins or on emergency situations. We also offer care srrvices for long term support.
Who are the children with special needs?
They’re children who have a disability or a combination of disabilities that makes learning or other activities difficult. Special-needs children include those who have: mental retardation, which causes them to develop more slowly than other children. Speech and language impairment, such as a problem expressing themselves or understanding others. Physical disability, such as vision problem, cerebral palsy, or other conditions. Learning disabilities, which distort messages from their senses. Emotional disabilities, such as antisocial or other behavioral problems.
Reagle Health is set to specifically meet your request particularly your request this involves, communication, preferences, likes and dislikes, the things they like doing.

We know that children are a delicate members of a family which is why Reagle Health ensures that the
safety of you child and their well being are placed in high priority no loopholes allowed, our staffs are
severely evaluated to ensure professionalism, safety and compassion.

Assisting to get ready the child for school

Giving one to one support whilst in school

Help with personal care, meals and hygiene

Correcting and compensating for disabilities and weaknesses

Drawing up routines that involves therapeautic intervention

Teach learning skills by building on the child’s abilities and strengths

Attending medical appointments

Creating a bed time routine

Indulging in activities at home