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Bariatric Surgery care

You made a big decision to undergo a major surgery to help yourself achieve weightloss and retain a healthier body mass, the success of this surgery greatly depends on the care and support you receive. The essence is to start you on a clear path to a longer and healthier fulfilling life.

Bariatric Surgery Care Services

Reagle Health offers after recovery care in other to assist you follow guidelines for diet, exercise, medical appointments and lifestyle changes. This will in turn promote results and a nd great mental health seeing that your decision is yielding great result. The elderly offers specialist team who will take care of you after the operations and aid you into a smooth successful recovery

Helps with domestic chores, cooking, cleaning

Support adminstering of medication

Ensure that all medical appointments are met with

Encourage physical activities and excdercises at the recommended start period, type and duration

Keeping daily record of portions and calorie intake

Help with personal care

Help prevent nutritional deficiencies – ensuring you are keeping to the dietry guidelines to
provide balanced meals whilst limiting calories

Encourage independence to improve on physical activities